Wednesday, September 3, 2008


TV: New 90210=total guilty pleasure. Will I watch again? Maybe, but I’m not about to set the TiVo. That’s reserved for Project Runway, documentaries, Top Chef and maybe ANTM (it starts tonight).

RNC: The USA chants were just ridiculous

Music: My awesome baby’s daddy ordered me three LPs in one week. (all circa late 1990s) For those that care: ‘Goddamnit’ re-release & ‘Maybe I’ll Catch Fire’. I think tonight I’ll cook dinner while listening to Radio over and over again. ‘Guided Tour of Chicago’ should be here any day now. Telephone. Telephone.

Baby: 2 months, seriously 2 months from today is my due date. If a scheduled C-section is necessary, we may meet our little dude a little earlier/later. Not that if I have a natural birth he’ll be right on time, but one can hope! He is keeping me up at night now with his punching, kicking, stretching, whatever else he’s doing in there. I think we’ve basically decided on a name, but 100%, so we’ll keep it to ourselves for awhile.

Rants: Everything wears me out, but I have so many lists in my head (and on paper). I want to cook all the time, but can’t stand for too long without totally feeling like the room is spinning – oh the joys!

this is how blue the room is:

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